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Roots, Wirtschaft Traube Klösterle

Nothing is the same. Everything is different.
 Welcome to the Wirtschaft Traube.

One hand. An egg. The heart of a stone sheep. The way of doing things. Everything leaves an impression, is unique and deserves respect.

One hand. An egg. The heart of a stone sheep.

The way of doing things. Everything leaves an impression

is unique and deserves respect.

Life and nature are incomparable. Like the products we use and producers we work with. Distinctive characters. On the plates, in the glasses and in all other aspects of our passion for great hospitality.

Hagebutte, Wirtschaft Traube Klösterle

Niches wherever you look.

Peculiarities. In the most positive sense of the word. Exceptional specimens, that rarely correspond to the norm. They make the difference. Personality is part of what we offer.

Tobias Schöpf, Wirtschaft Traube Klösterle
Tobias Schöpf, Wirtschaft Traube Klösterle

That is why we focus on personal differences. Wines from small wineries, vegetables and dairy products from micro-producers, self-hunted game, complemented with products gathered from forests and fields. That is not easy to find, but it is all the easier to find good.

“The appeal lies in the difference. We call this personality.
The entirety of what defines people. No ready-made goods, but unique pieces.”

Tanja Schöpf

“If you want to get involved in something like this, you have to be open and respect that other people are different because they are not like you. That’s a good thing.”

Tobias Schöpf

Tobias and Tanja Schöpf, Wirtschaft Traube Klösterle

Be small. Be free.

A lot can be calculated. It can be measured, weighed, counted, included or excluded. In our case the only thing that counts is the passion for what we do. The two of us.


The two of us, Tobias as head chef and Tanja as hostess. There are no other people here.  Everything we have developed over the years in top national and international gastronomy comes together here. Simple yet exciting.

We ask that you reserve in good time. Then nothing will stand in the way of an evening filled with passion for good food and drinks.


Precise and full of passion

26 seats. 5 changing dishes

Our cuisine is creative and intuitive. We work with what nature provides and producers have in store for us. 5 dishes that work as a menu, but can also be ordered individually. Everything is allowed. Depending on availability, the dishes change. Sometimes even daily. We take this freedom.

When it comes to wine and beverage accompaniment, we also forego a classic menu and instead rely on wines from selected wineries. They as well change regularly and harmonize with what comes out of the kitchen. There are also Vorarlberg fine spirits, homemade kombucha, lemonades, teas and cocktails made primarily with ingredients that we gather in nature.

Blutwurz, Wirtschaft Traube Klösterle


Our large table in the wine cellar offers space for 10 people and is perfect for tastings or for an aperitif before dinner. On days with good weather, our terrace is also very inviting. All in all, we offer many opportunities to experience the nature and cuisine of Vorarlberg. In total relaxation.

Wine cellar, Wirtschaft Traube Klösterle
Vogelbeeren, Wirtschaft Traube

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Special features and
Self-evident things

What is normal for us may be special for others. We are parents ourselves, so we know that eating with children has to be one thing, above all else: easy. Children are welcome to snack with their parents or choose what they want from the menu. We are completely flexible.

If you prefer vegan food or have allergies or intolerances, simply let us know when you make your reservation so we can accomodate for your wishes. We look forward to seeing you!

Tanja and Tobias Schöpf, Wirtschaft Traube

The unique, one of a kind and handmade is our means. Period.

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